[52N SWE] 52North Server Move 18.09.2010 - OFFLINE: Friday, 17.09.2010 18:00 CEST till Monday, 20.09.2010 8:00 CEST

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[52N SWE] 52North Server Move 18.09.2010 - OFFLINE: Friday, 17.09.2010 18:00 CEST till Monday, 20.09.2010 8:00 CEST

Eike Hinderk Jürrens
 Dear 52North member, user, and developer,
the 52North IT-Team will move IT services to new servers for increasing
the stability, availability, and quality of the 52North services. The
move takes place on Saturday, 18th of September. Hence, from *Friday,
17th 18:00 CEST* till *Monday, 20th, 8:00 CEST* the homepage and the
services like SVN, TWiki, Bugzilla will be temporarily not available. We
apologise for any inconvenience. You will be informed, when everything
is back and ready for use, again.

Please commit all changes before *Friday, 17th 18:00 CEST* to the TWiki,
Bugzilla, and SVN.

Server OFFLINE-Time:    Friday, 17.09.2010 18:00 CEST till Monday,
20.09.2010 8:00 CEST

This server move results in new URLs for the following services:
Bugzilla: https://52north.org/bugzilla/ moves to
TWiki: https://52north.org/twiki/ moves to https://wiki.52north.org/
Mailman: http://www2.52north.org/mailman/listinfo moves to

For accessing the mailing lists, we suggest to use the forum view
available via these URLs (some of them will be established this week, so
check back again, if the page was not available):

We will do everything to avoid inconvenience for you. When you have
problems after the move, please contact:

    [hidden email]

Please provide your:

- name,
- UserName,
- email address,
- community,
- the service you have problems with,
- date and time of occurrence,
- client used to access the service, and
- URL if possible.

This will help us to fix occurring problems asap.

The old homepage will be available via http://old.52north.org/ for a
transition period of at least one month.

You are welcome to tell us your doubts, so feel free to comment. Please
forward this message to everyone who may be concerned.

Kind regards,

Eike Hinderk Jürrens
52° North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH
Martin-Luther-King-Weg 24
48155 Münster, Germany
E-Mail: [hidden email]
Fon: +49-(0)-251–396371-33
Fax: +49-(0)-251–396371-11
General Managers: Dr. Albert Remke, Dr. Andreas Wytzisk
Local Court Muenster HRB 10849


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