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JS client map view not loading properly

I have an issue with our JS client map view. When opening the url, 9 times out of 10 the OpenStreetMap tiles don't load properly, but just show a grey surface. The clustered station markers do show, but are not clickable. We've avoided the issue up to now by refreshing the page, through which the map does load correctly, but it rarely works on the first attempt and sometimes has to be done up to 6 times for the page to load. Testing different browsers we found that the issue occurs a lot less in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, while Firefox has most trouble in handling it (refreshing the page won't work, the link has to be pasted into a new tab for the page to load properly).

The problem seems to be the GET request by the client for the map tiles to osm.org, which can be observed when using the "inspect" tool (in the developers tools, or by right clicking) in the browser

The properly loaded client (after refresh) shows:
Request URL: http://b.tile.osm.org/9/271/180.png
The status is 200 (ok) and the type of file loaded is png.

In our client, when the map doesn't load properly, that same request gets stuck, showing:
Request URL: 
Also here the status shows 200, but the type of file is gif.

This happens with the following ~20 tiles.
Experience the annoyance in the following link to our publicly accessible SOS database JS client:

This database uses the SOS bundle version 4.3.7, but we have other test dbs that use 4.3.8 and produce the same result. Another thing we noticed is that in one of our test databases with only one station the JS client loads perfectly.

Has anyone encountered this issue or something similar? Solutions?

Thanks for any kind of advice,