Missing EPSGs in SOS

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Missing EPSGs in SOS

Hi, I got problem when Insert observations.
It throws Exception of decoding and encoding EPSG 4326
And I find there is no epsg in cache summary of this SOS

I install this SOS with ubuntu 16.04 and mariaDB (mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.0.27-MariaDB)
But I have a same SOS on my Mac working perfectly.

Can someone teach me how to fix this problem? thanks so much.

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Re: Missing EPSGs in SOS

Carsten Hollmann

Which version of the 52N SOS do you use?

Did you see "settings" on the settings configuration page during the
installation process?
Sometimes the browser (so far mainly with Firefox) does not show the
settings which means that the settings in the SOS are not set.

You can re-run the installation process by resetting the SOS via the
admin interface (Admin -> Reset). If the settings are not displayed on
the configuration page normally a refresh of the browser will help.

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