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URLs in Client

Hi everyone,

I am new of 52 north. I have some questions about inserting data.

First,I am quite confused with how to insert data in the Client because when I generate the request, it is a XML format and there are some URLs, like http://www.52north.org/test/procedure/1... I don't know what these URLs mean because they look like valid URLs. And where are the real-data (number) stored? Because I saw the sos database, there are also just some valid URLs as identifiers. I also noticed numericvalue table stored some value of observation. What I concern is where is the data value of offering(like wind temperature..), feature of interest. Because in our current database, there are some data like wind temperature are stored. I don't know how to insert these data values in the 52 north SOS database because I think there are just some identifier URLs stored in SOS database. Should there be some information in our real identifiers? What format should in  these URLs? Should be XML format as well?

Second, if I want to use client, must I generate XML request by myself? and how to make it be real-time?

Can anybody give me a hand? Really appreciate it.
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Re: URLs in Client

Carsten Hollmann
Hi Yeni,

the example requests in the SOS test client are not generated. They are
static examples which are loaded from files. The URLs are the identifier
of the SOS features which are used in the SOS requests to query the
data. The OGC SOS 2.0 standard [0] defines that URLs should be used as
identifier. The URLs may link to real existing endpoint but it is not

Offerings are store in the offering table, featureOfInterest in the
featureofinterest tables, ... . Here [1] you find some detailed
information about the 52N SOS database model.

Yes, you have to create the XML requests yourself. You can sent them via
the client or with another tool for sending HTTP requests.

To insert real-time data you can use the SOS Importer [2] if you have
CSV files or you can write your own application that creates XML
requests and send them to the SOS.

If you use Java, you can use the 52N common-xml [3] project.


[0] http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/sos
[1] https://wiki.52north.org/SensorWeb/SensorObservationServiceDatabaseModel
[2] https://wiki.52north.org/SensorWeb/SosImporter
[3] https://github.com/52North/common-xml
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